Terms of use

The present terms of use to operate TAXOFON taxi ordering system.

  1. Customers and taxi drivers are registered in TAXOFON system.
  2. After customer registration all information will be recorded and this information will be used by system every time when customer orders.
  3. Customer and the taxi driver have limited access to personal data:
    • client's name, phone number, address.
    • the taxi driver's name, vehicle brand and model.
  4. TAXOFON has an overview of all orders and their fulfillment. We will help you find solutions in case of customer service issues in the best possible way.
  5. TAXOFON rating system provides an opportunity to evaluate the quality of the taxi service.

CUSTOMER golden rules:

  1. I order taxi correctly and do not place phony orders.
  2. I pay all orders according to pricelist and mileage.
  3. I appreciate and respect work of taxi drivers.

TAXI DRIVERS golden rules:

  1. I always use fastest or most convenient routes to service customers.
  2. I service customers with respect.

Best customers and best taxi drivers meet in TAXOFON!